COVID 19 Arrangements

Please be assured that the care and wellbeing of our student are of paramount importance to us during this pandemic.  We will support all apprentices, according to their individual needs, whilst accommodating their apprenticeship journey.  

We will support our employers and ensure they are aware of the changing circumstances and regulations according to tier areas.

We will offer:-

  • Remote education, with varying levels of support according to specific learning needs, on a one-to-one basis.
  • Support for apprentices without devices, connectivity issues or a suitable environment for learning.
  • Flexible delivery arrangements, such as timetabling and assessment according to individual needs.
  • Support for students with SEND on an individual basis, offering the utmost care in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

Expectations of apprentices will be explained to the apprentice and employer where necessary.

Arrangements for apprentices requiring specialist equipment or facilities will be managed according to current regulations.